Guidelines for Exercise Programming for the frail elderly – Better Ageing Project 2005

Guidelines for Exercise Programming for the Frail Elderly have been published by the Better Ageing Collaborative based on the results of the European Commission Framework V Better Ageing Project.  The project used the FaME programme as the basis of the exercise intervention and the original protocol for the FaME exercise intervention is cited.  You can…

International curriculum guidelines for preparing physical activity instructors of older adults

The American Senior Fitness Association is proud to have been one of the original coalition members that developed the American National Standards for Preparing Senior Fitness Instructors* and to be a recognized supporting organization of the following international guidelines.

Susie Dinan worked alongside other contibutors to produce these guidelines. Click here to view the guidelines.

Guidelines on Physical Activity and Older People – BHFNCPAH

These guidelines have been drafted to assist the work of those in the position to promote physical activity and well being with all older people. They do not provide exercise recommendations relating to specific diseases and conditions associated with ageing or on exercise prescriptions for individuals. Sources of such recommendations are included in the appendices…